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Welcome to my world of corporate wellness and personal well-being!

If you're into optimal health and well-being at home and in the workplace, you're in the right place.

I've created this space to share my insights in hope that my decades of experience with corporate wellness and personal well-being can help you along your journey.

I'm using my vast background in business and well-being along with my skills as a corporate trainer to capture some of my best tools, tips, and tricks here for you to use as needed.

Sara Flowers - Author of High Achiever Gut

So I'm so glad you're here!

Before I let you know what to expect, I'll let you know a bit more about me.

My Personal Well-Being Work With Individuals

As the author of "High Achiever Gut", I'm a high performance health and well-being strategist on a mission to help as many high achievers as possible. With well over a decade of experience, I'm still as passionate as ever about helping clients get quick results that last a lifetime by starting with a comprehensive, personalized plan that provides unparalleled support for the gut which in turn helps nourish everything else - after all, it's not like the brain, heart, adrenal glands, and more are walking around outside the body getting their vital nutrition elsewhere. I use this experience and varied background to create a bespoke program that's as unique as each individual that participates in it.

My Corporate Wellness Work With Businesses

As a certified Team Well-Being Coach, I'm also Harvard certified for “Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health.” I was a Lead Trainer on behalf of companies like Dell, the Department of Justice, and St. Edward’s Professional Education Center, and I've created curricula for thousands and developed systems that have made millions for a wide variety of companies. My virtual corporate program called "Wellness Propels Us" helps conscious companies create a culture of health that impacts both the employees as well as their bottom line.

My Areas of Expertise

  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • Certified Digestive Health Professional

  • Certified Practitioner of Natural Health

  • Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Certified in Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

  • Certified Genius Break Coach

  • Certified Team Well-Being Coach

  • Certified Yoga Coach

  • Certified Integrative Health Coach

  • Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator

My Insights

As I share my insights in this space, you can expect to see my takeaways from my experience and credentials shared above.

I believe that the health in your future is in the seeds you plant today, so I hope you find these seeds of wisdom helpful.

And if you'd like to apply to work with me, let's Connect.


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